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After nearly 5 years...

2015-02-28 11:48:44 by Nin10doGmr88

I finally make another post.     I became a supporter today!  I'm looking forward to diving back into Newgrounds after quite a long hiatus.  And maybe I'll be inspired to try making more music too.  We'll have to see. 


So nice to be back. 

So what do you think is going to happen on April Fools day this year? That Chinese deal last year was pretty large scale. You think they can top that?

Nightwayfarer's "TongueTied"

2010-01-05 21:15:12 by Nin10doGmr88

Nightwayfarer's "TongueTied" has done something to me... It's difficult to explain... But everytime I watch it that piece of animated artwork runs deeper into my veins. I love that piece. The music, the subject matter, the facial expressions... I had to write a news post about it. If you haven't seen it yet, go see it. You will not be disappointed.

Thank you, Nightwayfarer. This speaks to me more than you could know.

I think I like this website change. Yes, it will do quite nicely.

Cool! It actually happened.

2009-01-16 18:22:00 by Nin10doGmr88

After a month or so since I submitted it, my first audio submission was approved by the good folks at Newgrounds. Not sure what made you venture onto my barren little corner of this huge website, but welcome to you, stranger! :)

Since I finally have something on the website, I invite you to have a listen. It's the only thing I've got, I'm afraid to say, but hey, better than nothing.

I wish you all the greatest happiness you can find in the years to come. Thanks for stopping by!


So does anyone actually look at these?

2008-01-04 12:26:08 by Nin10doGmr88

Seriously, does anyone really read these? It's even more pointless to read this since I don't have Flash (no money), and therefore I haven't contributed anything to the site.

Gah, I feel so useless...I'm sorry to waste your time like this.

EDIT: Y'know, i think I might start saving up for flash.